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What are the Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games is a pvp tournament in Don't Starve Together, created based on the movie of the same name. To win a tournament, a player (or a couple of players united in a district) must remain the last survivor in the game.

Schedule game

Day Event
1 day Registration of participants
2 day (night) Issuance of initial gifts
3 day Start the game
7 day Sponsor Gifts
11 day Elite gifts from sponsors. Full Moon
Day 13 Sandstorm
15 day Arena


Throughout the game, the dead participants can influence the process of the Hunger Games by voting for the origin of any of the adversity.

All the card will be forgotten.
All fires will be put out.
There will be a turkey called up who will try to kill you.
You want to sleep.
All your food will go bad.
Fasting speed will increase.

The final adversity occurring on the 13th day is the sandstorm . It will begin regardless of the votes of the victims. After the beginning of the storm, other adversities will not occur.

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